SociLead Messenger review – one step further than Facebook Customer Chat Plugin

SociLead Messenger review

Have you been using Customer Chat Plugin of Facebook yet? If you haven't heard about it, you can find more information about it here.

Basically, it will help your customers to start chatting with you inside your website, using Facebook Messenger. 

One thing to keep in mind, you will need to come back to your website every time to continue your conversation with your customers.

And your message will be the most basic form with text only because Facebook Customer Chat Plugin only allows you to receive image, video, audio and gif. So if you think of using this Customer Chat Plugin to automatically send out your favorite sales video, you need to find something else.

SociLead Messenger Review

Feature of Facebook Customer Chat Plugin. Source:

With some few drawbacks of Customer Chat Plugin, many people have tried to develop their products to meet your never-ending demand. And one of those, which was also one of my favorite chat plugin, is SociLead Messenger. 

And today I bring you SociLead Messenger review, allowing you to see for yourself if this is the one you need.

Let's get started.

SociLead Messenger Review: what is it?

SociLead Messenger is a software that uses the latest feature of Facebook Customer Chat Plugin.

It allows your website visitors to instantly send and receive message inside your website, while previous Facebook chat plugins only allows to initiate chat by visitors.

SociLead Messenger Review: extra step compared with Facebook Customer Chat Plugin

Basically, SociLead Messenger Review does all the thing Facebook Customer Chat Plugin does. Moreover, it goes an extra step with your website by integrating more features for this chat plugin.

Some of these new features include: 

  • check
    Auto-comment and reply feature in SociLead Messenger
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    Auto comment Reply with Tagging the Commenter 
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    IMAGE, GIF, Video Comment
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    Hide/Delete Page Comment
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    CTA Poster
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    "Message Us"  button generator
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    Bulk Message Sending to Your Facebook Messenger Leads.

Check out more detail in the vendor's sales page HERE.

SociLead Messenger Review: Price

SociLead Messenger Review: Conclusion

SociLead Messenger is not a totally new product with breath-taking features. But it includes many good features that you might have to use several other plugins to get. 

The more plugins you have, the slower your site becomes.

So if you already have a steady traffic and stable number of customers, SociLead Messenger is a good choice to enhance your business to a new level.

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Mai Pham