8 Reasons Why You Should Start Building Your Email List Since Day One

So, you have created your website from scratch! Congratulations! What’s next?

Next you have to post great content in your site and publish them. You promote your content and you see some traffic, some people actually come to your website and read your articles!

How excited is that!


You noticed that the same person never come back again. You know your content is great, it is one of the most valuable content in the market. But that person never come back.

What did you do wrong?

Maybe the reason is not what you did wrong, but the reason is what you did not do.

Did you create an opt-in page so your audience can subscribe to your website before they exit your website?

Email marketing is not something easy to do, and it certainly is not something that you can delay to “when I have stable traffic”. Email marketing should start from day one. You should start building your email list from day one. Here are few reasons why.

7 Reasons Why You Should Start To Build Email List From Day One

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1. You have full control over your email list

You don’t own your search engine rankings, or your social media sites. They can be taken away from you at a moment’s notice, completely in accord with the terms of service you signed when you created your account.

In fact, not too long ago, the algorithm for Facebook pages changed, forcing you to pay to promote your posts if you want more than a handful of your community to see your updates. And if your update is somehow violates their algorithm, your update is gone!

You do not have any control over those sites. But you do over your email list.

Even if tomorrow, Facebook changes their site so that only three people ever see your posts, you’ll still have an email list full of dedicated followers who are there to open your emails and read your most important updates.

2. Cheap and effective way to communicate with your audience

Google Adwords can cost you $100 per day if you want your ad to be read by 500 people.

Facebook Ads can cost you even more for your ad to be read by 500 people.

Each time you change your advertising campaign, those sites also charge you the same price for that.

Let’s see Aweber. For $30 per month, you can send unlimited mails up to 5,000 people. So even you change your advertising campaigns or your articles, you can pretty much re-send them for free. Nothing can beat that price.

3. Build trust from readers

Which one do you think is more trust-worthy? Someone tweeted something in Twitter or someone you subscribed just sent you an email about an internet marketing course?

Of course we trust who we used to check out and trusted them so much that we gave them our email account.

Let’s see it this way.

Your email subscribers have invited you to the privacy of their inboxes. Many of them check and read their email everyday. They subscribed because they wanted to read those email. They trusted you so much that they want to spend time everyday to check what you been up to.

That is your success. They trust you, so treat their emails nicely and give them the reasons to strengthen that trust.

4. People read emails, people buy from emails

There are plenty of statistics to back this up. Consider:

  • 74% of online adults prefer email for commercial communication according to customer relationship marketing agency Merkle.
  • According to the Nielsen Norman Group, when asked which medium consumers would like to receive updates from, 90% preferred an email newsletter, Only 10% chose Facebook.

5. Customize your email the way you like


Email messages can be tested, segmented, optimized and personalized. You can know exactly what works and what doesn’t – and you can recreate what worked over and over again.

Platforms like Facebook, Medium, or Google can be changed at the whim of their managers. If Google decides to change algorithm, your website’s ranking can suffer. Many businesses have been devastated because they relied heavily on another company’s platform.

However, email is an open communication platform that can be customized to suit your needs. As long as you follow the law, there’s no limit to how you can use it. The rules will never change because you make them.

You could use email to…

  • Update subscribers about company news
  • Deliver interesting content
  • Announce blog posts, whitepapers, webinars, or other in-house content
  • Curate content you know they’ll like
  • Nurture leads with information
  • Onboard users to your SaaS product
  • Send coupons, sales or deals
  • Re-engage old subscribers
  • Request more information or feedback

…or countless other things. You can send anything to your subscribers.

6. Drive traffic directly to a specific article

As your list grows, you’ll find a significant chunk of your website traffic comes from your email messages. At a certain point, you’ll actually be able to run your business without search engine traffic, or any other outside traffic. Your list and referrals will be enough to sustain your business.

7. Give readers the option to control their email list and protect their privacy

Most of the opt-in notifications have the 2-step verification. That is, a reader needs to verify her email before officially become a subscriber. This will reduce the rate of having subscriber but also help to have quality and loyal subscriber.

The 2-step verification also helps to protect an person in case someone else used her email to subscribe to unsafe websites. Besides, a subscriber always have the option to control their mail by unsubscribing from a website directly from email.

These steps can reduce the likelihood of someone being signed up to email list by another person and help website owners to have access to only real, quality and loyal subscribers.

8. Email is personal and relevant

Ever seen an ad on social media? Or at the top of a Google search? They feel intrusive, don’t they? They feel like they’re getting in the way of the experience you want.

You don’t want to see product ads as when you are searching for some good products in Google. You don’t want to see Facebook ads in your New Feeds, do you?

Interestingly, that isn’t the case in our inbox. Marketingsherpa’s 2013 Email Marketing Report shows that only 17% of people enjoy promotional content on social media, but 72% prefer it through email.

Knowing how to use email marketing effectively by sending targeted emails, you can increase your conversion rate by 208% higher than batch-and-blast emails.






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