Backlink Rhino Review – High Quality, High Authority Link From Wikipedia

No matter how many times people keep saying “Google Algorithm is changing, no more backlink like old days”, up to now, backlink still matters. And it does not seem backlink will be replaced by some other methods to bring your website to Search Engine page. So backlink matters, and the quality of backlink certainly matters. Google hates low quality backlinks, because they represent a sign of fake backlinks, unnatural backlinks. Let me introduce you to one of the hottest product this year about creating backlink – Backlink Rhino Review- which allows you to create backlink from Wikipedia.

Backlink Rhino Review

Backlink Rhino – strong and power link like a rhino!

Backlink Rhino
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Very strong quality backlink
User is able to search relevant Wikipedia backlink
Far more backlink juice than low quality backlinks
You can get more than 1 Wikipedia backlinks
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Even though this only works for Wikipedia, the quality of backlink is incredibly high, which can rapidly boost your ranking. It is money-worthy.
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Backlink Rhino Review – Overview

So, let’s not care about all the blah blah blah from people who are saying “Content is King. Just publish good content and Google will rank you to page 1!”. Well, since I started in internet marketing world, I read that quote several times but I never actually see anyone do that.

Well, maybe someone does it, but they are definitely not in page 1!

The thing is, it does not matter if you have all the best content in the world, if you do not know how to do SEO, you will fail for sure.

SEO, in the most simplest term, means to bring your website to top Google.

Why would I need that?

Because if you don’t, none will ever read your content. All of your valuable content will never be discovered, and they never know how knowledgeable you are, how good you are (if you really are! lol).

All of that saying just to emphasize one thing : SEO matters. To do that, backlink matters. As I said above, we need high quality backlinks, not 10,000 backlinks you buy from Fiverr for 5 bucks!

Backlink Rhino’s name speaks for itself – one big powerful backlink to boost your ranking in Search Engine.

Backlink Rhino is created by Matt Garret– who has been succeeding in internet marketing for almost 10 years. He has high reputation and his products are always on fire!

Backlink Rhino Review – How does it help me?

Having said that we need high quality backlink, we need too find a great sources that Google trusts. If we can get one link from those sources, it is a game changer. I have seen websites with only 3 posts, 3 high quality backlinks ranks higher than a website with more than 500 posts and 2 million backlinks. (Sorry I cannot show those sites here because one of them is my site – guess which one 😀 )

One of the great source is Wikipedia. Google loves Wikipedia. And we all jump to Wikipedia as one of the most reliable sources when we search for information. Imagine Wikipedia links to your website, huh?

However, Wikipedia is a huge library of human kind. It contains so much information that searching it is overwhelming. Therefore, finding a Wikipedia link is relevant to your topic is even more frustrating.

How does it sound if you can use your own keyword to search for Wikipedia link that you can use for your SEO campaign? It is exactly what Backlink Rhino does!

Backlink Rhino Review – How to use it?

Backlink Rhino allows you to use your keyword to search for dead links and citation. You can switch the mode to select your search for dead links or for citation.

Step 1: Input your keyword to Search bar, select the searching mode and click search.

Backlink rhino review

Search result for Dead Link of keyword “Bitcoin”

Step 2: Find your Wikipedia dead link that you want to utilize for your SEO campaign

Backlink Rhino review

Find a dead link

Step 3: Register for that domain name, and point a link to your website

backlink rhino review

Register for that domain name and point a link to your site

There you go! Now you have a powerful link from Wikipedia to your site INDIRECTLY.

Things work even better if you select Citation search mode. But you also need to work harder. You need to make a relevant article and verify it as citation for Wikipedia. Then you can link to Wikipedia as citation. You will have a DIRECT backlink from Wikipedia to your site this way.

Check out the demo how to do it for more detail.

Backlink Rhino Review – Money-worthy

So here is the deal. First of all, you can almost never find a Wikipedia backlink yourself. Or you can try to search and waste weeks clicking on Wikipedia links to find dead links and citation.

Second of all, if you get a SEO service company to do it for you, they will give you one backlink for your keyword and they charge $50 to $100 for it!

Last but not least, if you use Backlink Rhino, you have Lifetime access for just $47, and you can search for backlink, keywords as many times as you want.

Take a look at all of those reason, yes, Backlink Rhino is money-worthy.

Backlink Rhino Review – Price and Launch Date

Backlink Rhino will be launched on 29 June 2017.

The price varies for Front-End and OTO.


Backlink Rhino Review – Bonuses

If you purchase Backlink Rhino, you will enjoy bonuses from Matt Garret and from me as well.

From Matt: to be announced soon.

From me: check out my bonus pages.

Backlink Rhino Review – Conclusion

Yeap, this is quite a great deal. But this is so not for a beginner deal. If you are a beginner, you might try other method first, because you probably have limited budget and research skill to deal with Wikipedia.

But if you are involved in internet marketing for awhile, and you are serious about it, and you want to boost your ranking, this is your buddy. Grab a copy and start searching for Wikipedia.

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