AIWIS Review – Your Own Jarvis To Bring Life To Your Website!

Did you watch Iron Man? What is your most impressive thing in the movie? Except for the suit, of course.

For me, it is Jarvis– the Artificial Intelligence System that Tony Stark has in all of his system. Jarvis is so amazing, even more intelligent than a real human. I so wish I had a Jarvis for my own.

If you have the same fancy wish of an artificial intelligence system, now you can make half of it come true. By using AIWIS – Artifical Intelligence Website Interaction System, you can make your online home a place just as cool as Tony Stark’s house. AIWIS will greats everyone who comes to your website by saying their names, asking about their days, talking about weather and making their visits in your sites as enjoyable and easy as possible.

So, I shall postpone no more. Please buckle up to check out my AIWIS review.

AIWIS review – Bring your website to life


AIWIS review

When a reader comes to your website, AIWIS uses the information he collects from your autoresponder or Facebook to find out reader’s name. AIWIS then greats her and proceeds to carry out instruction to her.

AIWIS remembers her. When she comes back, AIWIS shall great her again, asking about her day, taking her to her latest visit or guiding her through new information. AIWIS knows it all! Your reader will be pleased and felt like AIWIS is made just for her!

AIWIS gives EVERY visitor a personalised experience and create a HUGE amount of engagement in your content.

He’s like an Alexa for your website, guiding your visitors so they do what you WANT them to do, and engage with your content in the way that gets the best results.








AIWIS Review – Powerful Engagement Features


As the admin you get to decide on the flow of the messages and offers the your visitors see and hear based on their activities on your website.


Control what AIWIS does with simple short codes and copy and paste ease.


AIWIS Interactive!

AIWIS might not be much in the body department, but you’ve got a selection of male and female faces to choose from to capture the attention of your market and make AIWIS your own.

AIWIS Mobile!

AIWIS works on mobile and tablet just as well as he does on desktop. So wherever your traffic’s coming from, AIWIS is ready to engage.

AIWIS Speak!

Choose from a selection of childlike voices, and adult voices in both Male and Female to give AIWIS real character.

AIWIS Fashionista!

Set AIWIS’s colour scheme to match your branded in just a couple of clicks.


AIWIS Goes Native!

Choose from an extensive language database and make sure AIWIS charms your audience in their native tongue.

AIWIS Collects!

Set AIWIS to ask for the name and email of your audience, and he’ll add them directly to your autoresponder and keep a copy in your AIWIS program.

AIWIS Shhhh!

Maybe AIWIS is NSFW or maybe your visitor has a migraine. If that’s the case then they have a simple control for muting AIWIS (… and unmuting him when they feel bad!)

AIWIS Repeat!

AIWIS has a lot of vital information to pass on and offers to sell, so he makes it easy for your website visitors to repeat anything they might have missed.

AIWIS Sells!

Set up 1-click special offers for AIWIS to sell for you, and then let him get to work!


AIWIS Knows Best!

AIWIS never forgets a face (or an IP address!) so he always knows who has visited, from where, and what pages they last visited, and you can harness this information to make your customers viewing experience personal, memorable, and we hope VERY profitable.

 AIWIS Review – How AIWIS will help you?

Oh trust me, with all of those crazy nice features, AIWIS will help you big time.

Do you notice that AIWIS encourages the engagement of your customers every time they visit your website? More engagement, more fans, more followers, more leads and more sales!

AIWIS Review – Can I have my own Jarvis?

Oh yes, it is your Jarvis. You customize him the way you want!


Give AIWIS his body

Log in to our AIWIS creator. Choose the face you want AIWIS to have, then choose his voice, there are male, female, adult and children’s voices to choose from, and then choose your language from our extensive language database.


Give AIWIS his personality

This is where you’ll get to create the personalized messages you want AWAIS to deliver.



Give AIWIS his orders

By copying and pasting simple shortcodes you can set up individual tasks for AIWIS to carry out. It’s super easy to do. You simple type your message, and add short codes for specific actions and AIWIS comes to life.

AIWIS Review – Bonuses

If you purchase AIWIS via my link, you will get both bonuses from AIWIS vendor and me.

Vendor’s bonuses

MEGA FAST-ACITON TAKERS BONUS #1: Facebook User Information Acquisition Update

MEGA FAST-ACITON TAKERS BONUS #2: Autoresponder User Information Acquisition update

Those Bonuses are made to co-ordinate with AIWIS for your perfect control of your website!

AIWIS Review – Price

AIWIS is available for 5 sites for just $19 for fast action takers. After that, the price will go up to $97. So, take your chance and grab it right now.

AIWIS review



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